Essay on My Development Communication And Professionalism Abilities

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This essay will purely be based on the reflection of my development in communication and professionalism abilities. It will also include an action plan to identify four goals, which will continue to develop my communication and professionalism skills, for clinical placement.
A simple definition of communication is being able to use language in a way that people will understand. Effective and ethical communication requires listening carefully, understanding clients and staff and maintain confidentiality. Communication is important as it can help you understand what another person is expressing about their needs and concerns. It includes the ability to develop a relationship with other professionals or patients. Communication is vital in a clinical setting as it increases professionalism, eliminates possibilities for misconduct and enables the service users to receive the best possible care.
I chose to reflect on my communication, as before I started this module I thought my communication skills were fine. But learning more about the different types of communications there are and how to use them in a practical situation, made me realise that there is a lot more to this skill and how much I need to develop to ensure that they are effective.
There are many different types of communication. The first is verbal communication where there is a use of sounds and words to express feelings and thoughts, it also includes active listening which consists of facilitative communication.…

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