My Description Of My Seventh Essay

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My eighth characteristic is another one I’m not proud of. The eighth one is that I’m very temperamental. It does not take much to make me upset. If someone says something or does something I don’t like, I immediately get an attitude or become very upset. I remember one day my mother tried to make me wear an outfit I did not like and I immediately got upset. I remember yelling at my mother and getting really angry. Little things can upset me just like big things. I’m not sure what caused this to happen. I think it’s because I went through puberty and I was starting to become a teenager. There have been many incidents where I have gone completely off the wall at people. Sometimes I feel like I black out and don’t realize it. I hate being temperamental. I would definitely change this characteristic. It’s not good to be temperamental. I feel like this characteristic goes back to me being selfish. When I don’t like how things are going, I get an attitude. I feel like being temperamental is immature. My mom always told me to watch my temper because I can get really mean sometimes. I feel like I act like a child because I don’t get my way. When I am temperamental, I know that people do not want to have anything to do with me. This is the number one characteristic that I would like to change.
My ninth characteristic is that I’m an ambitious person. I have so many goals in life that I want to accomplish. My number one goal is to become a nurse. I’ve always wanted to be a nurse since…

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