My Day Of Middle School Essay

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Music Heals Everything
"Watch where you 're going, idiot!" Said the dominant eighth grader as I was making my way to the buses. I was a frog 's hair from being left by the bus. Of course, I had become that girl 's new subject at picking. Who would 've thought bumping into a stranger would lead me into constant teasing on the bus. After that whole fiasco I became the punching bag of the bus, except I would receive my punches with words. I only focused on the negative and never the positive, until I entered my middle school band class. My teacher, Mrs. McNair made a marvelous impact in my life. Her positive example provided me a whole new perspective on middle school. Middle school affected me in various ways, such as adapting to changes, befriending my peers, and dealing with discrimination. Getting accustomed a different environment was such a challenge. On the second day of middle school I thought that it was a good idea to make new friends, I kind of took the whole "new school year, new me" thing too serious. I tried to talk to the girl who sat beside me in my Science class and I believe that a tree had more of a personality than her. At this point, I felt pretty bummed out because everyone in elementary school was so welcoming, while middle school was the complete opposite. The day went by and my band class strolled around, I wasn 't really looking too forward about this class considered my previous encounter with that one bitter girl. I remember so vividly that my…

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