Essay My Daily Lifestyle Has A Huge Impact On My Health

1018 Words May 11th, 2016 null Page
My daily lifestyle has a huge impact on my health. Recently, without any notion of this writing assignment, I have taken action to monitor what I eat. The reason for this insight is because my family and friends always mention that I am skinny and I need to eat more. I realize from previous chapters about health and fitness, nutrition, and weight management, just to name a few, have brought to my attention that it is important to record what you put in your body. With that being said, my lifestyle can accommodate the necessary nutritions to be healthy. I love to stay active throughout the week. I stretch every morning, which I highly recommend. I play basketball for a minimum of 6 hours a week. I bike to and from school 4 times a week. I prefer to only drink water and milk. I have been really good at staying away from fast foods and sodas. Although recently, I picked up drinking Starbucks because of the upcoming finals week at school. I eat at least one banana and at least 2 sources of vegetables every day, especially before or after the gym. As of late, I have been careful of what I eat because I learned that you have to consistently work hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

According to my recorded information of my diet and activity level, I have room to improve in my lifestyle. I realized some days I don’t consume three full meals. For example, instead of eating a proper dinner , I had Eggos Waffles with syrup and milk. That dinner lacks nutritional value. I…

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