My Daily Life Style Essay

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MY DAILY LIFE STYLE For one to establish a stress free life, one of the most important aspects one should pursue together is having a balanced healthy life style. Paying attention to the level of changes in once life over a period of time requires a full attention and cooperation of the individual’s daily activity towards achieving this goal. As an individual , it is priority to pay proper attention to my life style by adopting a measuring scale that will help to determine my motivation ,emotion and the state of my stress level in my daily activity. By applying the self-assessment exercise, I was able to find out how the activities of the day affected my life. The assessment made to realize that my stress was an average level of stress. It shown that, the lifestyle I adopted allows me the time to deal with stress in a controlled, non-aggressive way. Though , I was surprised with the good result from the assessment ,sometimes I get overwhelmed with activities , I still try to find time to calm down and get some rest by having a cup water , taking a nap or taking a walk in the neighborhood. The assessment result gave the motivation to keep doing the things I have adopted to help me when I feel stressed out with errands and home work. I understand that motivating myself will require being positive and ready to let go the things that border my life and be willing to speak out the good things I experienced in my life…

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