Essay on My Dad - Original Writing

1992 Words Dec 16th, 2015 null Page
A few years ago I got a call from my grandpa. His computer just crashed and called to see if I could salvage the hard drive for him. Contemplating while on the phone if I even knew what a hard drive was, but I agreed none the less. I pulled up and went into his office and looked at his old HP desktop. I unscrewed the side panels and removed them and gendered at the rat 's nest of wires and the strange components. I didn’t know where to start, but that’s what YouTube is for. I mimic what the fourteen year old was doing on the screen and began to pull wires and start unscrewing things. I pull out what looks to be just a brick of shiny metal and as the fourteen year old tells me, I did it. I honestly felt pretty good. Not everyone is good with technology and I like it I thought. I asked my grandpa if I could take the rest of the computer home to use and he agrees. I get home and the first thought I had was to pull the hard drive out of my laptop and try to run it on there. I must of tried for three or so days. Not really getting mad at the fact it wouldn’t run I began to just take everything apart and put it back together. Seems simple enough, but every time I would take everything apart, I would try to make the wires more neat and use zip ties and whatnot to clean everything up. I would sit there for hours thinking about computers. I know that’s strange, but I loved it. I would get on Amazon and look at computer components. I always wanted to build my own gaming PC.…

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