Essay on My Culture With Asian Indian Culture

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Gender Influences in Relationships Gender related similarities and differences vary in different cultures. For this assignment, I have chosen to compare my culture with the Asian Indian Culture in regard to friendship and marriage.
The reactions of females towards unpleasant events and experiences are usually different. They think about that unpleasant event for longer time and also retain it in greater detail. This leads towards elevated cortisol (Stress) level within the individuals. Therefore, the females become anxious and sad for some times. The reaction of males towards unpleasant experiences is usually quicker. They consider these events as over and done and then they go on to the new experiences. However, this is usually not possible for most of the females especially in Asian India culture. This may be possible in our culture to some extent. Women in our culture may sometimes forget the unpleasant experiences abruptly, but in Asian Indian culture this is actually not true. Most of the females get in to trauma situations and get emotionally involved in to the situations. For example, friendship between opposite genders is considered to be normal in our culture, but it is conversely considered in the Indian culture. It is not acceptable to be close friends with the opposite gender. We guide our children in who to form friendships with. It is really important for the guardian of families to teach their children about where not to go. The guardian should also pay…

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