Essay on My Course Of My Assessment Covered Various Areas

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The first part of my assessment covered various areas. One of the areas covered my basic personality. I found that I scored highest on my how much I am open to mew experiences. This means that I tend to have wide range of interests. In the Jungian 16-Type personality test, it revealed that I am reserved and creative and could possibly succeed as poet, missionary or an educational consultant. These three areas are areas that I have interested in, seeing as though I have written poetry and also have an interest in teaching the word of God and in outreach. Regarding the personality type, I tend to be more laid back, even under stressful situations. This is confirmed in the type-A test, in which I scored a 93. This means I have a B+ personality and puts me about in the middle in regards to my need to get things done quickly and rush in an attempt to be more productive. This is in contrast to those who have a type A personality who tend to try to get things done and focus on productivity. For me personally I tend to do things a little slower, and I enjoy the creative process in most situations. Although I do things slower according to research, “a certain amount of stress is inevitable and healthy”. (Kroeger and Theusen, p. 236) Needs work This leads in to my dominant needs, which according to the test show that I have scored a 20 which means I have I dominant need to achieve and improve. Well put
Part 2: Working with others. The ability to work with others in very…

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