My Community Service Project At The Kirkland Police Department

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I have been a police officer for 18 years, and I love the profession and will retire in this field. My duties as a detective, are investigating domestic violence, and sexual assault cases. I felt that locating an agency in the community I work in to complete my service learning project would be more beneficial than the community I live in. This would allow me to learn about all of the resources in the community I work in and pass that on to domestic violence and sexual assault victims. My account has been setup with the Center for Civic Engagement (CCE), and I have also made arrangements with CCE to volunteer for the family violence advocate at my workplace. All of the arrangements were made by submitting the community partnership paperwork.
I plan to serve my community service project at the Kirkland Police Department with their family violence advocate. I am a detective at the Kirkland Police Department and investigate the cases, but I do not have a lot of interaction with the victims of domestic violence and sexual assault after my investigation is completed. Once I finish my investigation and file the case with the prosecutor and or arrest the offender my job is done. Working with the family/domestic violence advocate will help me to learn about resources available inside and outside of the Kirkland Police Department such as CPS, child advocacy services and shelters. After I have completed my 20 hours of service with the family violence advocate, I hope to be…

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