Stop Abusive And Violent Environments

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"RioLearn." RioLearn. SAVE: Stop Abusive and Violent Environments, 2013. Web. 04 Feb. 2016.

This source addresses the ineffective programs available to Domestic Violence victims and offender today. The source was written by an organization titled SAVE whose mission is to find solutions for victims and their families. Due to the underlying purpose of the organization, it is possible that a bias analysis may be presented, however the source does present several statistically driven facts to support its analysis.
The source appears to be addressing and audience looking for an informed evaluation of Domestic Violence resources. It addresses a well-rounded observation of resources for not only victims, but offenders as well. The writing is clear and easy to read affording the audience a clear understanding of the programs viewpoint.
As I am a victim of intense Domestic Violence, currently fighting my way out, I find that the article addressed several issues that I have encountered. I agree with most of the information presented. I have encountered all of the topics addressed. I do feel other topics should have been addressed to provide a better informed analysis. I located this resource on and Opposing Viewpoints link after conducting a Domestic Violence search.

Understanding the reality of a Domestic Violence victim is a difficult thing to do for anyone who has not lived through it. Many see the physical effects and financial effects, but most do not realize the

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