Analysis Of Judeo-Christian Charity And Democratic Egalitarian And Individualism

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. The values or ideologies that have helped guide the evolution of this social welfare policies are Judeo-Christian Charity and Democratic Egalitarian and Individualism. Judeo-Christian Charity states that someone who is in need should be able to seek help without the fear of being judged. This applies to this policy because women, or anybody affected, should be able to reach out for help in cases of domestic violence without the fear of being turned away or being judged by their circumstances. Democratic Egalitarian and Individualism talks about self-reliance. When someone is in a relationship that involves domestic violence, it basically strips them of their ability to be self-reliant. With the VAWA, the programs that it has created gives …show more content…
This act helped to give money to not only build programs, but it also supported the programs that already existed. This also includes any hotlines that were created to help victims of domestic violence as well (Womens Health, 2015). The value or ideology that helps to support this program is Judeo-Christian Charity. This value stresses the importance of helping those in need, and that is exactly what this program does. This program helps to give funding to programs and hotlines to victims that are strictly affected by domestic violence. Moving forward to present day, these policies have had a level of success with helping the issue of domestic violence. They have vastly improved the services for victims of sexual and domestic violence. Not only that, but these policies also have taken into account issues of sexual assault, battered immigrants, and stalking (Legal Momentum, 2015). These policies do and do not adequately address the issue through programs. The current policies do address the problem in terms of helping victims get back onto their feet and help in creating programs to spread awareness and how to prevent domestic

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