My Communication Experience: My Experience Of A Nursing Student

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When I convey to friends and family that I am a nursing student, they automatically presume I am intelligent, driven, caring, and most stereotypical – stressed out. Coming into the Mayo Cohort program I retained preconceptions on what nursing school would encompass, as I heard other’s experiences, but I did not discern how I would adapt. While I do retain the qualities of a nursing student – critical thinker, honest, nurturing, dedication, diligence, and caring – I am also a perfectionist. My first impression of myself as a nursing student stands that I am a very tentative learner. Due to my perfectionism, I almost second guess my abilities, as I am anxious of making mistakes. While I comprehend that most individuals feel doubtful in their …show more content…
When completing this first communication experience, it stood nerve racking, which made my communication come off scripted. I am not exceptionally comfortable with speaking in front of others, so I found myself rushing through the conversation. Prior to the experience, I generated a list of questions I knew I wanted to ask my partner, based on our case scenario, and I felt as though I rushed through my list of questions, not allowing my partner the opportunity to elaborate on the case scenario. I found myself more focused on my questions, compared to what my partner (patient) was trying to communicate to me. Because this experience remained unfamiliar, I subsisted afraid of saying the wrong thing, or not retaining a reasonable answer for the patient. I did not want to appear impolite, disrespectful, or uneducated. Although I did not perform as well as I hoped, it was a beneficial learning experience and opportunity to transfer what I learned from the readings into action. A nurse must comprehend and demonstrate, so while I did appear hesitant and rushed, I valued the opportunity. I plan to use this first communication experience as a lesson, which I can use to better my therapeutic communication with a patient, while gaining confidence in my

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