My Co Lead As An Educator And Facilitator Essay

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As I mentioned earlier, as the leader, I will have one other co-lead. Once again, due to the unorthodox nature of my group, my co-lead will be an individual who has had substance abuse issues themselves, but has been clean for a significant amount of time. The reason for this is experience, and understanding. My co-lead would be better able to understand the members, and what they are going through at different stages of their journey to recovery, which would help me to better understand how to go about helping each individual appropriately. Since the group would be didactic in nature, my role as the leader would be as an educator and facilitator. However, it is still important that I utilize core counseling skills like caring, warmth, and positive regard because I don’t want the group to come off like a classroom. On the other hand, it is important that I have good organization and planning skills in order to deliver the information properly, which will better the learning process. Leaders will use a variety of resources to impart knowledge to the group, so each session also requires preparation and familiarization with the content to be delivered (SAMSHA, 2005).
The group will be run over a two-week span, which I believe allows for there to be some trust developed, but more importantly, since the group is psychoeducational, I would not want to try to cram all the information in a short period of time. Since the group is educational, you want enough time to impart the…

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