Essay on My Client Is Joel Goodsen, From The Movie Risky Business

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Client My client is Joel Goodsen, from the movie Risky Business. Joel is a senior in high school, in the year 1983, he in an only child and lives with his parents in a wealthy neighborhood. His parents go out of town for a couple of days, and in those days Joel makes many bad choices that could damage his and his friends life, and their futures.
Joel is a Caucasian male around 18 years old. It does not specify his religion or his beliefs in the movie, but based on his parent’s actions he might be of Christian background.
The client has many values in the beginning, but as time goes on he slowly looses his set values, and is willing to throw out his values if needed to help him reach his goal.
Social Work Values The values of a social worker could help him because the social worker would maintain a professional mindset while talking to Joel. They would show no judgment and do their best to help him get through this rough patch of his life.
The client has many problems in this stage of his life. He has done damage to his fathers car, gotten involved in an illegal business (prostitution). Damaged his parents household items, and had most of the items in his house were stolen.
Mental Status He has gone through different physiological phases in a short amount of time. He also keeps trying hard to get things back to normal by coming up with more ideas that just take him further down the road of destruction. He has reached the mindset of,…

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