My Classroom With A Head Start Program Essay

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My classroom is one of two classrooms located in a child care center which is partnered with a Head Start program. My classroom consists of eight early childhood children, five girls and three boys who are eighteen to thirty-six months. The children all come from a Native American background in some capacity. The three boys enjoy blocks, trucks and dinosaurs. One boy with curly hair is just twenty months and has one or two words while the other two boys are approximately 30 months and are extremely verbal. The boys have a great relationship and spend most of the day interacting with one another. Four girls have blonde hair and one has red and they are all around the same age, about 32 months. Each girl is very verbal and enjoy looking at books and exploring the dramatic play area. All of the girls enjoy time together but usually play in groups, never all at once, it is usually a group of three or two, and never alone. None of the children have any exceptionalities and are extremely smart and social. The classroom is small, long and skinny with a table located near the front by the door. There are several shelves breaking up the classroom in interest areas with a lane in the middle to walk through. In the back on the classroom there is an opening which offers an opportunity for music and movement. My support staff consists of a full-time aide who assists me throughout the day and a part-time aide who replaces the full time staff for breaks or lunches. The minimum…

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