My Career Plan For Becoming An Educator Essay

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I have found the courses I have taken at the University of Bridgeport to be quite constructive and insightful on my journey to becoming an educator. The one aspect I enjoyed in the courses was most of the instructors were either currently teachers or had some sort of teaching background. I found their authentic knowledge on teaching to be very informative. I extremely enjoyed some of their personal stories about their encounters and experiences in the field. As a student, you want someone with previous experience in the teaching field, you want an instructor who has actually taught and knows what you are going to be experiencing when you become a teacher. Personally speaking, I would be a little apprehensive of someone instructing me about education and teaching if they have never actually taught themselves.
One of my greatest fears about teaching was learning how to write a lesson plan. But, through all the courses I have taken I have become much more comfortable writing lesson plans, and this fear has slowly faded. Much of the reasons I have become comfortable writing lesson plans is in fact, due to all the courses I have taken here at the University of Bridgeport. All of the courses that I have taken have included some sort of a lesson plan assignment, which was great at easing my concerns. So now, whenever I hear “lesson plans” I am no longer as concerned about it as I was before I started my course work.
One of my other concerns was dealing with students who have…

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