My Career Path That Has Unlimited Specialities Essay

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I did not grow up in a family full of nurses, or any health care workers for that matter. Instead of family influence, I found my passion through my own journey with a life-changing condition. At the age of twelve, I was diagnosed with Type-1 diabetes and due to the compassion and care I received at the Pediatric Diabetes Research Center, PDRC, I realized that it was my life’s dream to impact the lives of others the same way those doctors had done for me.
Originally, I was set on becoming a pediatric endocrinologist. I wanted to be like the individuals that guided me through a difficult time, but my journey to helping people doesn’t have to look identical to theirs. Like these doctors, I strive to help the lives of others, but the path I choose to follow to do that is more based on my strengths and aspirations.
To find my place in a career path that has unlimited specialities, I began exploring my options through healthcare experiences. It was only after I gained a true understanding of the benefits and sacrifices that this job requires that I realized I am meant to be a nurse.
During my senior year of high school, I eagerly completed clinical work for a CNA class at Advocate BroMenn Medical Center. It was my time at the hospital that I reassured me that my childhood dream to join the medical field was not just a dream, it was now my line of work. After completing my clinicals, I was hired by the staff at the hospital to stay on board as a CNA. This experience was one of…

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