My Career Model

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Register to read the introduction… This may seem like common sense to most of us, but so often in our lives we don't properly identify the true issue or problem to be solved. We then end up trying to accomplish a task that hasn't been clearly defined and we spend an excessive amount of time and energy on trial and error to no avail. Therefore, before gathering information, it is important to clearly define what to gather information about. I did this by asking myself questions like, "What career do I want to pursue? Do I enjoy the financial industry? Do I need a college education to advance in this career path?" I did some deep soul searching and decided that I do enjoy the financial industry and enjoy helping others with their financial planning. I had just been turned down for a job I really wanted due to a lack of a college degree, so I concluded that I did need my Bachelor's degree to further my career. By taking time to properly define the issue, I then proceeded to the next …show more content…
• What personal qualities do I possess that will help me on the job?
These questions among others enabled me to define the parameters of my decision and served as a check to step one to make sure I had still properly defined my issue. After completing an inventory, Colorado College's model (2005) suggests to "Begin Identifying Options." The options I identified were to continue down the same path I was on of working entry-level jobs where I was underemployed but unable to advance due to a lack of formal education or to work an entry-level job and return to school, quit working altogether and pursue school, or find another type of job or career to pursue. Most of these options did not seem logical or feasible to me, but I needed more information to help me critically analyze the options to make a sound decision, which leads to step four "Gather information and
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A decision making model is designed so that each step builds on the next. Based on the information gathered and analyzed, a decision is now much easier because of the formal and logical sequence of events. I had enough information to choose one option over the others. I determined I would have to continue working in order to support myself. I discovered the University of Phoenix on line program and, through my research, learned it was the best and quickest way to finish my schooling while still working. I also discovered it was a program tailored to my exact needs. I decided I enjoy the financial industry enough to pursue a career in

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