My Career Is Being A Chef Essay

1563 Words Dec 7th, 2014 null Page
My career is being a chef. Being a chef could be interesting because it gives you the opportunity to learn how to cook. This career would include you to bake food, fry food, boil food, grill food, and etc. Being a chef would improve my cooking skill. For the most you would be able to make lots of money. In order to be a chef, you would have to start off by cooking a simple meal in your own kitchen. A simple meal in the kitchen would improve you to the next step.
On September 14, 2014, I started my community service at the Gloster Food Market. I spent twelve hours there in one day serving food. While spending the whole day there I learn how to fry simple meals like: chicken tenders, fries, and corn dogs. I experienced that cooking and serving food is not very easy to do. Everything that’s being cook should be freshly cooked and well done. I often got frustrated when I had to go back and forth serving food to the customers, but I knew at that moment that it was part of my career that I had to accomplish.
I started my career as being a chef with a professional head chef at a food market. I didn’t have any other choice but to work with her throughout the whole day, which took forever for the job to get done when serving food to many different people. It seem as though when you’re willing to do something in the beginning you get very excited and at the end you start giving up when things get harder and harder. People always said you can’t win for losing because there is always…

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