My Career For An MBA

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People often realize that their fundamental, specialized or perhaps technical qualifications do

not prepare them to manage complex situations and persons. The skills embedded in them

may be very different from those required to be a good manager or team leader. Enrolling in a

Master of Business Administration (MBA) program provides as a way of complementing

existing specialist skills with a range of general management skills. It is way of enhancing

their qualifications and skills so that they can take on these new roles competently and


I have been working for last five years and I strongly believe now it is the right phase in my

career to earn an MBA, the degree that would provide me with global vision
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Business has always been in my blood, since our family has been running species business

from my grandfather’s time. I have always been hearing about business, raw material,

logistics, and production from my childhood. I am a science student with technical aptitude

and an interest in management. Since my school days I started developing interest in science,

which stemmed from an innate desire about heading out into new terrain, developing ideas

and subjects that fill needs that aren’t yet being addressed. I was determined to learn more

about science in my higher studies. With this aspiration in my mind, I joined for my under-

graduate and post- graduate course in Biotechnology at St. Berchmans College (affiliated to

Mahatma Gandhi University) Kerala, one among India’s best institutes for Biotechnology. I

received the degree of Master of Science in Biotechnology in 2008 and Bachelor of Science

in Biotechnology and Botany (Double main) in 2006 from University of Mahatma Gandhi,


I think one of my most distinguishing characteristics is the diversity of experiences I
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Over time

and with the help of very good mentors I have been able to learn the business side of

Lifescience Industry. For me, the most exciting part of being an industry analyst is the

constant opportunity to learn something new. In my role as industry analyst, I use my training

as a post graduate student every day, in terms of technical expertise and a hypothesis-driven

approach to problem solving and decision making. My experience as industry analyst has

been challenging and rewarding. To my surprise, I can confidently say that I have also

learned more science since moving into investment world than I did at the bench. The breadth

of my knowledge has expanded greatly in areas in which I had no exposure.

Over the past four years, I have been working in the field of healthcare industry. I was

working as Clinical reporting executive in Clinical Data management department at Lotus

Labs Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore, India for 1.5 years. This experience helped me gain ample amount

of professional exposure with excellent written and verbal communication skill. Then I joined

ICON PLC, a Dublin based Clinical research organization, located at Trivandrum,

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