My Career At A Field Of Elevator Maintenance Essay examples

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I began my career at a relatively early age of nineteen years old in the field of elevator maintenance and installation for Local 3 division of elevator union. Today, I work as a supervisor for elevator installation and maintenance for a well-established organization. While my technical skill has developed over time through years of experience, I find myself at a crossroads between advancement through further specialization or management. As I have progressed into a supervisor role, I am currently on a managerial path towards advancement and I see myself climbing the management ladder. As I go forward, I see myself pursuing a project manager role within the next five years and subsequently leading to upper management with a higher level vision for organizational direction. To progress from my current position towards a higher level of management, I find that my education is pivotal to achieving my goals. One of the keys to progression into a project management role is to begin comprehending a more holistic view of the organization from the corporate level. While elevator technicians and supervisors are often highly specialized with technical skill and excellent on the field employees, they don’t necessarily have a well-developed holistic comprehension of the industry as well as the organization. This is where my current pursuit of a bachelor’s degree has assisted me with developing a broader understanding of the organization and industry. In order to understand the…

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