My Career As A Software Engineer Essay

1002 Words Jul 10th, 2016 null Page
Twelve years back, when I started my career as a software engineer, I remember reading only books to learn Oracle and Java. The books were Java: The Complete Reference and Oracle Complete Reference. Those were heavy, had at least 600-700 pages - filled with theories ranging from ACID theorem to dry explanation of object oriented programming like class inheritance, overloading, encapsulation etc. It needed immense amount of motivation not to give up. But as it was my first job and I had a student loan to pay off, I somehow managed to do stay on track and learned Oracle. After 12 years when I am again in the beginning phase in learning Python, I find the way of learning a new programming language has changed a lot. There are many different new resources – innovative, engaging, different approach - to help learning a new programming language, that I doubt, anyone still uses those heavy books to learn a new language anymore.
So to complement my summer-2016 course material of Python Methodologies of Data Science in Rutgers – MBS, I decided to look into few outside resources. The first one is a video lecture series from the Massachusetts University of Technology 2008 Intro to Computer Science - Lectures 2 & Lecture 3. The good thing about these video lectures is that it gives the feeling of a traditional classroom setting where the professor directly delivers lecture to students and the students also interact with the professor. Personally I think a traditional interactive…

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