Essay on My Career As A Role Model

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While coaching, I 've had to be organized, punctual, professional, and I 've had to distinguish myself as a role model. I believe labeling myself as a "role model" rather than a "coach" allowed for a relationship with bi-directional respect. Being respected by my players has allowed me to mentor them, not only in the discipline of athletics, but in many important life values. Furthermore, while coaching, I 've had to refurnish my intercommunication skills when talking to people with different backgrounds, ages, etc.: parents, players, referees, and managers. This has instigated me to become mature/understanding while helping me succeed whenever I have to collaborate with/manage others. Overall, coaching, like medicine, is a self-rewarding endeavor where actions are no longer only self-impacting. I 've had to become more aware of my actions as coaching has instigated me to view situations from others ' (my players) perspective. I will utilize these skills/lessons in my future medical career.

I joined the SCSO because I wanted to coach and advocate for those that don 't have the same opportunities to play competitive sports. When I began, I knew I had to know what my players ' strengths/weaknesses were, athletic and developmental, and their preferred learning style. This allowed me to target each player individually, since they were all unique. In this position, my patience and ability to empathize were important. My players ' needed more personal attention/time, than my…

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