My Career As A Lawyer Essay

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Everyone in life has thought about what they want to do to survive for the rest of their life. Sometimes things don’t go as planned or people just simply think that wanting to be a lawyer from Harvard is just simple impossible. That is a dream that can almost satisfy anyone, I recently took a personality test that shows what type of person I am and what career would be best for me. The careers that I would like to pursue would to be an Orthodontist, Lawyer and a teacher, all great careers that were recommended for me. Where I really can actually see myself excelling at occupation wise, is at being an orthodontist I was so ecstatic when I found out that the personality test had recommended that for me. That just made me think of more plans to turn my dream into a reality, if I could just being able to land one of these occupations I would be happy with my life.

This career was one that I’ve been saying I wanted to be forever and have been pursuing since I was in elementary. That career choice that I am talking about is becoming an licensed Orthodontist they make usually around $206,190 and as a specialist in the dental field and having paid lots of money for education. Orthodontists are the people who straighten your teeth by applying braces to your teeth. I first recognized that I wanted to be one when my Orthodontist let me sit there with him all day and help him work on other people’s teeth, what a great experience that was! Orthodontists do make up…

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