Orthodontists: A Career Essay

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Techniques stayed the same until the 1970s with the breakthrough being the use of a bonding agent holding the brackets to the teeth. The adhesive would be put on the teeth where the brackets would be stuck right on the teeth. The adhesive got rid of the need to wrap the tooth individually. The use of stainless steel instead of gold and silver did not become popular until the 1960s. In the 1970s dentists found the material acceptable, it helped the dentists and the patients with the price of the braces reducing and the material being easily manipulative. Also in the 1970s the dentist of Japan and the Untied Stated tried to accomplish the idea of invisible braces by placing the brackets on the inside of the teeth.
In 1997 two people with no
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College graduates normally complete a four-year, bachelors of Science, undergraduate degree ("Orthodontist Schooling Requirements."). Anyone interested in working in orthodontics need to work with coursework or majoring in science. Dental schools only accept certain people so it would be good score on the Dental Admission Test. Dental school is normally four years and afterwards three years of orthodontic training ("Orthodontists: Job Information & Career Requirements"). The classes focus on oral health, dental practice competency, and professionalism on ethics. To open a practice, you would need a state license. Also you can gain more certifications you can get them from the American Dental Association and the American Board of Orthodontists. Students learn about how to teeth move, how to recognize facial and jaw alignment, and how to apply corrective treatment ("Orthodontist Schooling Requirements."). The most important thing to know when practicing orthodontics is a detailed knowledge of dentistry through dental and orthodontic schools. More skills one needs to have is attention to detail, know how to handle technological tools, and work well with children ("Orthodontists: Job Information & Career

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