My Career As A Civil Engineer

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Having a Career as a Civil Engineer Ever since I was in the 5th grade, I’ve liked to build things with Legos, K’nex and another construction toys. I liked the idea that something I visualized could actually come to life before me. That’s when my Mom told me about the world of engineering and that my father was an electrical engineer. The engineering spans a various amount of areas from computers to technological departments. However, the field that is most applicable to me is Civil. I prefer to be a Civil Engineer because they are the “Top Dogs” of the engineering field. It involves designing, explaining and good budgeting skills.
According to a search conducted by the Google Corporation, there is always a need of Civil Engineers. This is because they treated as more than one person since they have the ability design, construct, supervise, operate and maintain large scale construction projects. They are able to handle any issue that might occur on or off the worksite and basically be their own
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No one wants to be a member of the lower class since they are the one who are judged heavily because of financial restrictions For example, if someone sees me, living in a very rich neighborhood, a tall stallion of a man in a three piece suit and a briefcase they will say “Wow, he is educated, powerful and must be financially stable.” However, if they see me wearing Jeans and a T-shirt to work they will say “He must work at a Wendy’s or he didn’t go to college and put forth the effort”. I am a person who worries about what others think of them so my outcome in life is very important to me. If I must take a pay cut in the career I love, I would happily accept because it is something I have looked forward to doing since I was a lite boy comfortable doing even towards the end of my career. The reason is that salary and money is not my primary goal but feeling comfortable in what I do in life is my main

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