Monologue About Parents

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“ Mom, Stop it! Please..I want to rest, mom..Why are you always rest and I always worked?!” I sighed and stare at her and Berra said “You’re the worthless kids in the world. If I can, I don’t want to raised you, but you have to feel thanks to me and your father, I will raised you because of your father.” and I just ran out of the room and cried. Suddenly Sofia saw me, Sofia was wearing raiment and she sat next to me and said “ I know that you’re really tired and sad.. But you have to survive.. You supposed to think about your father too..because your father raised you.. Do you think you have to survive for your father?.. Right?!” , I feel that she comfort me. I said “ Yes... but I really feel sad because Berra acts kind to me if there is my …show more content…
Whatever.... Thanks for comforting me... I will go to my house and rest... See you.” and Sofia said “Ok, I hope you will be OK.. Bye!” she grinning at me and shake hand.
After I go inside my house, suddenly I lay down and I was thinking about my father “Why am I always have to get bullied from my step mother.... I wish my father will know is frustrating...I hate...I really hate my step mother..” Suddenly Berra go inside to my room, I was really shocked and nervous. She stares at me and said “Clean my room and make the garden clean.. I mean.. really really clean! If there is a dirty part , you will not have a lunch.” I sighed and I said “Ok..”. I was cleaning the garden but suddenly I hesitated, because I was sick and tired at that time. I was thinking that I want to get out of this house and run away to a good and comfortable place and suddenly Berra came to me and
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1 weeks later, Sofia was passing in front of my house and she saw me unexpectedly, and suddenly she said “ You look better than last week, what happened to you?? Have you had a good day or good work?” and I answered “Oh.. really ?? Thanks. I’m just happy know.. I don’t have a good work,but...i’m just happy know! My life became better than last month.” and she answered “Oh! OK then. I hope that u will be more better. Good luck” and she grinning at me. I was so blessed, joyful and excited to see my future, but on one hand, I was so worried and curious. But I’m still happy because I can see my future through my dreams and the good things are that I already noticed what’s going to happen and I know what to do at that

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