My Biggest Fear As A Future Leader Is Not Managing Budget Essay

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My biggest fear as a future leader is not managing budget or meeting project deadlines, rather it’s how to evaluate, improve, and maintain employee morale. During my Management 150 course there were six words that will forever stay imbedded in my mind, “Managers direct people, Leaders motivate people.” A Gallup study has reported, only thirty percent of U.S. employees are engaged at work, and as low as thirteen percent worldwide. Gallup defines “engaged” employees as those who are involved in, enthusiastic about, and committed to their work and workplace. So what is the reason for the low percentage of engagement in employees, Gallup study states managers account for at least 70% of this variation. (Harter, 2015). With this disengagement or low morale of employees, the Gallup organization estimates as much as 350 billion dollars per year in the American economy due to lost productivity, ranging from absenteeism, illness, and other problems that result when employees are unhappy at work. With the high cost of low employee morale, I believe that it all starts with leadership of a company. So as a future leader how can you evaluate your team and its morale? What are some of the signs and causes of low morale? What could be the results of low employee morale? And what are some ways you can improve and maintain employee morale among your team?
As a leader of a team you must be able to complete a self-evaluation of yourself as leader and your team. It is important to…

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