Essay on My Biggest Concern For Contemporary Science

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All good teachers must select and master their subject matter, organize learning activities that excitedly thrill and allow students to practice those skills as well as providing instant and constructive feedback. Deep knowledge of the subject matter must be evident and produced by teachers to enable lesson strategies and progression of skills to be smooth and effective. My biggest concern for contemporary science in schools today is resourcing- human and physical being the major and highest priority initiatives to produce scientifically enquiring minds into adult years. Our contemporary world is forever and rapidly changing so these societal pressures forces Science to change, and you as a principle have the power to change and make sure it always remains relevant.
Vaille (2011) p.19 express that “Teachers need to be provided with quality resources” As educators we do not want to see any child experiencing a lack of confidence because a teacher has not enough resources including physical and human skills to develop a successful contemporary attitude to science. I have witnessed at several of my school placements a lack of resources to support units, primary school can be where interest in science starts or finishes abruptly. If a student doesn’t engage in the classroom by using well organised and relevant resources they are extremely unlikely to engage in Science in the later years, therefore it is paramount for resources towards science education.

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