My Best Friend : Vivian Essay

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Vivian After watching my best friend overcome many obstacles during and after her accident, I finally understood the importance of appreciating life and savoring every moment I am blessed with. When I was fourteen, I experienced a bad day. The type of day where I’d get mean mugs from people I didn’t know and an attitude from my family. It was an uneventful day at school and I didn’t even bother to do my work. All I had looked forward to was seeing my best friend, Vivian. Vivian was a short beautiful brunette with heart shaped lips. Her brown eyes were complimented with a full set of long lashes and her cheeks glowed a pastel pink. I hadn’t seen Vivian in almost a month because she had spent most of her time going to school and working a job with her mother. I took the bus from school to my house and when I arrived at home I sat on the couch. I didn’t like this couch. It held an uncanny feeling, similar to the one I felt in my house. My phone vibrated in my pocket, and a message from Vivian appeared. “I’m picking up a gallon of oven cleaner at the shop. I’ll head to your place after.” Vivian’s mother worked in a dusty old shop that made and sold toxic cleaners for all purposes. It had never crossed my mind that I’d hate these dangerous chemicals one day. As hours passed by, I roamed through the house, trying to find a new feeling, perhaps a happy one for once. The house was empty and it only got colder by the minute. Gomez 2
I grew bored…

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