My Best Friend - Original Writing Essay

1096 Words Sep 21st, 2015 5 Pages
I woke up from my fanciful dream, flipped over on my bed and looked at my phone and couldn’t believe that today has finally came. Today is the day that my life will forever change with greatness that I will be soon married to the man of my dreams. I vaulted out of my bed, slid into clean clothes and quickly got ready to meet up with my maid of honor Roxy. Her hair was a rich shade of mahogany with golden highlights. The natural flow of her wavy hair perfectly framed her cream-coloured skin. Her eyes, framed by long dark lashes, are a midnight blue but seemed to brighten the day. A straight nose, full lips with a soft pink natural tone – she was the picture of perfection and the girl I call my best friend ever since we were five years old. When I ran down our newly renovated staircase my best friend was sitting at my marble countertop island with a Grande Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks.
“Good morning my sleepy bride to be,” Roxy said, as she handed me the Starbucks. I smiled back at her.
“Thanks but let’s get a move on I don’t want to be later then I already am.”
We rushed out the door and stepped into Roxy’s ocean blue jeep wrangler and drove off to the salon to meet the rest of the bridal party for hair and makeup. Once we arrived everyone was in a salon chair pre-occupied telling the hair stylist what they all wanted. Roxy and I sat down beside each other, the stylish went right to work on my hair and makeup while I babbled my butterflies away. Finally we finished…

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