My Academic Problems

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While attending to college, there are two factors contributed to my academic problems: lectures and the interaction. First of all, the lectures are too general. What I expected in a lesson is detailed because I need to understand clearly what I’m studying to improve my socialism but the lecture does not show that. For example, I studied that one Speaking class and it has the lesson about how I can get more customers. Basically, what I expected in the lesson is how can I pronounce the words, and how to stressed the word in sentences or something like that for getting better in speaking. But the lecture shows me nothing but give me a paragraph and tell me to read it. Sometimes, my class has chances to work in pairs. But it seem like does not …show more content…
As I mentioned above, the difficult for me in learning is because it is too passive. But the way I solve it is I joining to as much as English club as I can so I can regain my inspiration in learning. It will make me find more fun in learning by playing games with the members and communicate so I can get better in speaking. I can work with them to practice my pronunciation. Moreover, I can work part time as some restaurants that required to speaking English therefore I could develop my knowledge and find more fun in study. About the interaction between my professors and I, I solved it by trying to communicate with them after class. I would ask them their emails so I can contact them and ask whatever I do not understand. I try to learn, keep looking for additional external policy to deeper understands the lesson. I will study group and everyone will also get involved with the right to speak their opinions and help each other learn as well. I really want to study in PCC because I strongly believed if I have chance to attend PCC I could develop my potential. Studying in PCC might help me to know more about life, as much as learning some more new experiences. A decent learning environment as PCC has always been my dream. PCC will help me confidently communicate with people, and also help me to get more chances by making some new friends in other countries. Therefor, I can learn more about others and experience new

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