Muslim Attitudes Towards Punishment Of The Qur ' An Essay

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Muslim attitudes towards punishment are all due to the readings of the Qur’an. Every punishment they run by is within the Qur’an. Muslims have no problem giving punishment as the Qur’an says criminals deserve to be punished for their bad deeds. If anyone goes against the word of the Qur’an, they will be punished severely. Different types of crimes are given different types of punishments, but the punishments must follow by the Qur’an. If a criminal continues the bad deeds, the punishments don’t repeat themselves, they become worse and soon end up with ‘capital punishment.’ It is believed that everyone must act good, even if you are not seen committing crimes as the Qur’an states that Allah sees and hears all and will soon destroy the world on ‘Judgment day’ and punish all criminals and reward all people that have done good deeds.

There are four Islamic laws that Muslims run by when it comes to punishment. These laws are Qisas, Diyya, Hudud and Ta’zir. All these types of punishments come from the Qur’an and most be followed. Each of these laws depends on what kind of crime has been committed. Muslims mostly prefer being a peaceful religion and recommend forgiving people although if a person commits a specific crime and it says in the Qur’an that the crime has to result in death or something like an amputation, it must be done or else everyone else is also committing bad deeds by not punishing the criminal as they are disobeying the Qur’an.

Qisas: Qisas is an Islamic law,…

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