Essay on Music 's Impact On Human Nature

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Since mankind could ever remember, music has always been a part of our lives. As time has gone by we have created and used music for many purposes. It 's in out everyday lives, and there are many kinds. Such as rock and roll, rap, hip-hop, classical, R&B, Pop, country, underground, and even classical. While many can agree that music has impacted human kinds existence, there is a bit of a debate about exactly how important it really is to the human race. While musicians and song-writers say that is important for us to survive, others would argue that music is more of a luxury. Music is a luxury for mankind simply because we were able to survive before we had it, some say it is distracting,

First of all you have that mankind was able to survive without music before. Many say that Beethoven and Mozart were geniuses of the time, that they brought light and music to life. This may be true, but what about before that? Or even before Indians had their spiritual dances? Or we could even take it back further to the day of the caveman. What did they listen to? A bunch of rocks smashing together? Or perhaps the sound of animals fighting or mating? My point being that if these people were able to survive their time of having not having the luxury of living that today 's society such as a car, or a heating system, then we can survive without music, it is a simple luxury that some of us use quiet frequently.

Next there is the fact that some people say that it is distracting.…

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