Essay on Music Therapy Should Be Used More

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The Power of Music In 2006, a study of 60 patients with chronic pain reported that those who listened to music experienced a reduction in pain, depression and disability (Aldridge, n.p). This is just one example of why music therapy should be used more in the therapeutic fields. There’s many more ways to prove how beneficial musical therapy really is. Listening to music helps improve the mental state of people who suffer from mental illnesses, bodily conditions, and improves the emotional state of mind. One of the most important benefits would be that it helps improve the mental state of people who suffer from mental illnesses. Musical therapy is especially helpful for patients who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. There are many studies that show how helpful musical therapy is to patients with Alzheimer’s. Musical therapy can help them forget less things and remember some of the memories they had forgot (Weiss, n.p). A patient with Alzheimer’s can become almost diseaseless, for a brief period of time, with the power of music therapy (Brandt, n.p). This effect of music to the brain goes far beyond a person with Alzheimer’s.
Music can also be very important to patients with Aphasia. Aphasia is a language disorder where the person suffering from it can not communicate with speech. People with Aphasia may not be able to speak, but they can sing. Music allows these people to talk in some way. In an article, Machover stated that, “Gottfried found that if you teach someone…

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