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Musical Experience

You must either attend a live concert, watch a video or television performance, listen to an entire CD or watch a musical movie. You must only use something from this quarter for this assignment (not a concert you saw in another quarter). You may choose any type of music for this paper.

Requirements for this Assignment: fill in the boxes below.

Describe the Concert Setting and media (Video, CD, DVD, Live Performance):

Grease |

Date of concert, place of concert, name of group, programs provided, program notes provided, spoken remarks, include the names of all the selections:

Date of Concert: June 16, 1978Place of Concert: United StatesName of Group: Grease CastProgram provided: DVDAny Spoken
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How would you describe the style or genre of the music, e.g., rock, folk, new age, classical, jazz, etc.

Pop |

Choose two works from the program and fill in data below:
Some definitions of musical terms used below in case you need some ideas.
Melody – an organized succession of tones, something you can easily sing along with.
Rhythm – pertaining to the duration of musical sounds consisting of pulses or beats, e.g., toe tapping or not. Does it sound like a waltz or march?
Harmony – simultaneous sounding tones usually chords, sometimes voices singing different notes or a solo voice with instrumental accompaniment [homophonic].
Texture - patterns of sound created by performers falling into 4 types: monophonic consisting of melody all alone; polyphonic consisting of 2 or more different melodies sounding at the same time; homophonic consisting of a melody with accompaniment; and heterophonic consisting of 2 or more voices elaborating on the same melody at the same time. Most pop music is homophonic and sometimes heterophonic [gospel music].
Tempo – the speed at which the music is performed, fast/slow/medium.
Dynamics – the loudness or softness of a musical selection.

First Work Second Work Composer: Frankie Avalon | Composer: Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey | Title: “Beauty School Dropout” | Title: "There Are Worse Things I Could Do" | Melody: Soft Tones | Melody: Soft Tones | Rhythm/Meter: Waltz

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