Music Experience At The Concert Essay

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Classical Music Experience Have you ever attended a classical music concert where all sit silently and enjoy the performance? I have attended this wonderful concert on July 21, at 8 pm. This concert is an outdoor concert and it was located at Hollywood Bowl. The name of this concert is called “Rhasody in Blue” with Yuja Wang and Dudamel were the main performer. Because this is an outdoor concert, and it started when the sky already dark, so the weather was really cool which make the audience feel very comfortable. The stage of this concert are really big and beautiful with a lot of bright light to give the audience a clear view of what is going on at the stage. There are three big screen next to the stage will help the audience who sat far away to have a closer view to the performance. The whole stage look like a big star in the night sky. In this concert, there are four pieces of music are performed. The first two piece of music are Symphonic Suite from “Porgy and Bess” and “Rhasody in Blue” of George Gershwin. After the performer finish the first two pieces of music, we was having a break. The other two pieces of music were “Concerto in G”, and “Bolero” by Maurice Ravel. The concert was very successful, and the two pieces of music that really stand out to me are “Rhasody in Blue” and “Bolero”. Yuja Wang was really successful when she performs the “Rhasody in Blue” by George Gershwin. This piece of music was started with clarinet and the crescendo dynamic.…

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