Essay on Music Education Is A Essential Part Of Education

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Although music education may not seem like a serious course, music is a vital part of education and can create something most other things cannot. Music education creates a strong bond between classmates and turns classmates into family. A family who sings together and a family who is there for each other when in need. Music is something most people would enjoy learning and what better place to learn it than in school surrounded by friends. Nobody is born knowing how to play an instrument; it takes time and requires dedication in order to learn and become great at it. This is why beginning in kindergarten through fourth grade it is important there is a standard music class. After fourth grade, fifth grade all the way to senior year in high school there is band and choir class. If the board of education took music classes out of the curriculum there would be a lack of bonding between students who join together in performing in a band or choir class. Singing together aids in developing communication skills, otherwise we would all be listening to music with our headphones or by ourselves. A study was conducted by Evelyn Orman, a publisher from the National Association for Music Education, where she examined the use of class time in elementary schools to ensure class time was not being wasted. She was able to find that 57.07% of class time for all grade levels was spent listening to the teacher give verbal instructions such as the teacher modelling by singing, singing and…

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