Essay on Music During The Baroque Era

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Music from the period of 1600 to 1750 is referred to as Baroque. Music of this era was one of the richest and most diverse periods in music history. Main style characteristics of this era included rhythm and meter, dynamics, tone color, melody, and the texture, bass continuo. Rhythm during this time was more definite, regular, insistent, and brimming with energy. Baroque music plays off distinctive rhythms against a steady beat. Meter always stands out and is emphasized by certain instruments. During this time composers began to use bar lines for the first time in music history. Dynamics is another feature. Once a dynamic was set it remained at the same level. Tone color was often not critical in Baroque music. Composers pushed melodies to limits of ornateness and luxuriance. The art of melody reached a high point in the late Baroque era that has never been equaled since. Not until the Baroque period did the concept of melody and harmony begin to truly be articulated because composers started focusing more on a single voice. Chords became standardized and tonality grew much stronger. The texture basso continuo, which means continuous bass, is a feature unique to the Baroque period. In Baroque music the bass line is not only performed by bass voices is also performed by an organ or other chord instrument, and has the double effect of clarifying the harmony.
Architecture and art interact with music throughout history and are influenced by historic features of the period…

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