Musical Arts Concert Report

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The Laidlaw Performing Arts Center recital hall of the University of Alabama was converted into a concert hall, during the 2014-2015 Musical Arts Concert Series. This was the 64th concert of the Musical Arts Concert Series. It was held on Monday, 16th March 2015, beginning at 7:30 in the evening. The 240-seat hall was filled to capacity with music lovers who came expecting a good musical experience. The concert was a piano competition, which captured the hearts of the audience and brought both their body and souls into the music. Several participants, who are musical students from several universities across the country took the stage and showcased their musical talents to their level best. The music which was played in the concert was listed …show more content…
The piece was performed by Elizabeth Bemis and Shawn Wright. The Busoni arrangement performance was electrifying and scintillating, such that, one felt like this was the first ever performance of the piece. The next piece was the Nauges from Nocturnes by Claude Debussy (1862-1918), arranged by Maurice ravel (1875). The piece was an orchestral composition that involved three movements (the clouds, festivals and the sirens) the melody throughout the piece was beautiful up to the last …show more content…
Mozart graced the stage. This is the Piano Concerto, K.491 II. Larghetto, performed by Wei Min Patrick, Tracy Mank, Monica Mitta, Tobin Nelson, Chris Marzullo, Isaac Kessee and Peter Kohrman. The performance was breath taking, exceeding the expectations of the audience. The seven performers were able to synchronize in the music and deliver a high quality performance. Bryan Chisholm, Shawn Wright Elizabeth Bemis and Joshua Vaughn were also able to amaze the crowd with their performance of Mozart’s Piano Concerto, K.488 II. Adagio. The final performance was the Piano Concerto No. 2, op. 102 I. Allegro by Dmitri Shostakovich (1906-1975). It was performed by Tobin Nelson and Joshua Vaughn. The two gave the audience a warm and electrifying performance to end the concert. They presented all their talents and abilities in every single note.
All the performers in the concert combined their skills and talents and expressed them in the music. They all gave new meanings to all the pieces they performed. The music invoked feelings and emotions inside everyone in the audience, making us appreciate the beauty of music. It was a very good experience, which I would definitely attend

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