Essay on Music And Its Influence On Our Society

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We live in a world where we are constantly changing and evolving from one thing to another. While new trends tend to appear every other month, music is the one factor in our society that seems to change as we go. Music is more than likely a clear reflection of our culture today. Because music and culture can be seen as a direct link, the techniques and methods an artist decides to use to convey their message is key.
Artists are so influential in our society today because they are able to convey their message through their lyrics, what they wear, and their music videos. One of the most influential female artists in our world today is Beyonce. In her efforts to influence her fans, Beyonce is well known for her wide collection of songs commonly based on female empowerment and feminism.
Being that Beyonce is one of the most powerful artists in our music industry today, she has decided to use her power to spread messages about difficult and overlooked topics that are occurring in our society today. One of Beyonce’s most talked about songs was her then-newly released single, “Formation”. Many may argue that this song as “anti-police”, however, Beyonce makes it clear in an in-depth ELLE magazine interview that anyone who perceives her message as so, “is completely mistaken”. Beyonce’s video is focused on police brutality and injustice; which is what she states to be, completely different from an anti-police issue. This song, Formation, reveals the Beyonce we were never…

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