Culture And Culture: Black Or White, By Michael Jackson

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Michael Jackson is a well-known artist and dancer around the world. Michael started his music career at a young age along with his siblings and father who played a mentor like role throughout his start of his music career. Michael Jackson talent was noticed as soon as his career took off, with his recognized talent Michael Jackson and the Jacksons became very famous. It wasn’t just Michael who was noticed at that time but his siblings as well they all pursued their own successful career paths, they are known as the Jackson 5. Michael Jackson’s career went to another level when he branched on his own and started making his own music while adding other talents to his career, dancing. “Black or White” is one of Michael’s biggest music hits that gathered everybody’s attention. “Black or White” made political notice that made society, cultures and music view their self’s in a non-aggressive way.

“Black or White” is one of Michael Jackson’s famous songs that he created for multiple reasons to reach a message across the world, set an example and putting out a catchy song that everyone will listen to. The theme that was
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Together culture and music have a huge impact on people’s lives that bring people together that brings positive influences towards friends and family. Culture helps people have a purpose and have a reason for participating in what they do. Culture is like music its varied out in different outcomes different age groups participate in age group culture, without culture the some people would be lost and no know what sense of purpose they have, the biggest form of culture is religion. Religion is involved around the globe it’s very important for people to live with religion, just as there are bad culture there are bad religion. Culture is fun, existing and powerful in are world it’s just like anything else it’s how we use it and make are world a better

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