Music Analysis Of Mcjagger's Song

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Melody- This song plays along in conjuct motion. The band stays in range keeping that nice even flow. The guitar solo took more articulation with the additional notes compared to the guitar rift. Legato definitely fits, the rift and the solo blend together appropriately. McJagger's vocals definitely add an unique accent.
Harmony- The chords are in major during the whole lapse of the song. McJagger's vocals are also in major.
Timbre- First and foremost, McJagger's voice strikes me at the end of the song. It's comical how he can create an authentic McJaccer monkey esque noise. The guitar rift is fun, I can see how people can groove to this. The guitar solo reinforces that feeling. More over, the whammy bar resonating adds a nice touch. The bass in the very beginning is in your face. The piano adds this subtle rising touch. The tambourine is steady and is crucial to have in this song. And finally when the drums chime in they high light those parts of the song.
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There weren't many pitches being played at once that were distinguishable from one and another. That being said, the piano and drums seemed to accompliment the most to the rift. The others played along. Thin textured song but fun.
Rhythm- This is quadruple meter with ba-ker fitting the mix. I could tell the accent beat always hit at 4 which led to the reloop. The tempo accelerates when he is yelling "I'm a monkey" at the end.
Dynamics- The guitar has the most forte. The tambourine is very soft and I missed it while listening the first time around. Before the end, the song decresends a bit until Mcjagger starts up singing again which brings back the volume and then eventually it decrends out completely.
Format- This is ABA format I believe. A is the continuous guitar rift, while B is the lengthy instrumental

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