Bob Marley 3 Little Bird Song Analysis Essay

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I chose a song that everyone knows about but no one really listens to this genre and song a lot; it is “3 Little Birds” by the one and only, Bob Marley. It is one of the best, if not the best, songs from the 80’s. The reggae guru couldn’t have delivered this masterpiece any other way. Lets break it down into two parts: the lyrics and the background score.

The lyrics of “3 Little Birds” promote a positive and uplifting outlook towards things/people when you listen to it, and Bob Marley’s voice helps it to soothe our minds. It is comprised of two choruses that repeat at successive intervals. In the first chorus, Bob Marley gives his message. Bob Marley tries to stimulate peaceful message to everyone that there is nothing to worry about in this is life, and that everything will be all right: took at everything at ease, no need to take unnecessary stress and to enjoy and love life. In the second chorus, he gives a idle scenario of his inspiration for this song, and also wants everyone else to be just as calm and happy in the morning, as described in the song. Even though this song only has two choruses and not a lot of words, these lyrics have a really deep and impactful meaning.
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In the background score, you can the amazing hear the melody of the typical reggae combination of the bass guitar, drums and organ, along with the voices of a couple background female vocals singing the first chorus with Bob Marley. The best thing about reggae music, and what really differentiates it from rock or metal, is the soft use of the instruments. It sets a tone for the entire song and brings harmony and

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