Murder And Rape By Jesse Matthew Essay

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There are many criminal activities that had been going on throughout the history. For instance the act of murder and perhaps rape were made by Jesse Matthew recently, he raped and killed multiple women. Matthew is currently awaiting for trial in the killings of two college students. Murder and rape cases not only affects the victim’s family, but the local community also.

According to Jesse Matthew’s ex girlfriend, she wrote a letter to defend him by stating that he was sexually molested as a child and that played a key role for his actions now but the letter writer would not even sign her last name. Whether the letter writer was letting the truth or not, it would not matter due to the fact that the judge will not take that as an evidence but rather than an anonymous letter. Even if was true of what it states in the letter, rape should be understandable for him, but not a violent rapist and killer. The law states the a murder is occurring when one human being kills another human being, also seen as homicide. A common law murder did not state that killing an unborn child or a fetus, which is not in life yet, is not considered as a murder.

Researchers and scholars stated the Title IX: Federally Mandated Victim Protection. This Title IX job is to protect college students and university students from any sexual act such as rape to be going around in campuses. According to Sexual Assault on College Campuses: Seeking the Appropriate Balance Between due Process and Victim…

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