Essay on Murder And For Smart Talking A Cop

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|| Previously when they got arrested ||
Dean pulled himself out the car, but not before shooting a glare at the women who kicked his seat. He gave her a questioning look before shutting the door behind him. "Not a fan of strippers.." He paused looking at the name tag, Richard. "You know, I knew a guy called Richard, I called him Dick. Can I call you Dick?" He asked sarcastically, the officer gave him an annoyed look. "No, you can not call me that. Turn around sir" Richard ordered pulling out the silver handcuffs from his back pocket. "Kinky, I give you that but I really ain 't into that." He replied in a smart ass comment. "Cut the crap boy" The officer said, slamming him against the front of his car, pulling his hands behind his back. "I am arresting you on suspicion of murder and for smart talking a cop." Richard said causing the elder man to groan feeling the cold metal of the bonnet of his car, on his cheek. "That 's not nice Dick" The elder Winchester complained, only causing the man to furrow his eyebrows,. "Stop calling me that" Richard snapped, the cold metal of handcuff 's were about to click around Dean 's wrists but as if he were frozen in place as he stood there in a daze before falling to the floor. He stood up in complete and utter confusion before coming face to face with the brunette who saved his brothers ass. "I like you. You 're crazy, good stuff." He commented, taking a note to not piss her off as somehow, she managed to grab a baseball bat from…

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