Essay on Multiple Intelligences Of The Classroom By Thomas Armstrong

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Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom

In 2009 Thomas Armstrong’s book, Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom was published. This booked discussed the various intelligences that make up the MI theory and how they could be applied to the curriculum and promoted within the classroom’s environment. This book definitely aligns well with majority of the material taught/read in our ED 300 Psychology of Learning course. The following are specific ways in which the book and course align. Chapter four speaks to the importance of “following up the educators instruction with reinforcing activities and supplementary experiences” (p.48). During the course we had spoken about Lemov’s Teach Like a Champion Strategies. One of the most prominent strategies that stood out to me after reading chapter four was the j factor. If there is joy in the classroom then students do not need to worry about combatting their affective filters and instead will be more aware/interested and cognitively present in regards to what is being taught. Getting them interested by introducing the subject in a fun way will definitely set the tone for the rest of the time spent learning about that subject. We have also just finished reading July Willis’ book Research Strategies to Ignite Student Learning. The last chapter of her book was about assessment and the use of assessments as learning experiences to suit individual learning styles. In Armstrong’s chapter ten, he discusses assessment in eight different…

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