Multinational Organizations : Multinational Corporations ( Mncs )

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Multinational Performance Management
The continuing expansion of multinational corporations (MNCs) is forging new organizational ecosystems that are stretching the boundaries of corporate character and function, and forcing the need for cost-effective and efficient HR practices (Ryan & Tippins, 2010). In in increasingly competitive global business environment, organizations compete for new markets, products, services, and human talent at the global level (Caligiuri, 2006). Effectively navigating the challenges of a global multicultural business landscape would therefore constitute a competitive advantage. Not insignificant among these challenges are organizational development and organizational effectiveness schemes, in the area of performance management.
Besides, Ryan and Tippins (2010) noted that the operation and implementation of effective organizational measures relative to performance could not be divorced from considerations of differences in colloquialisms, culturally offensive or confusing content, specific measurement systems (such as metric or English systems), country-specific topics such as politics, historical or sporting events, culture-bound behavioral patterns and nuanced words. For example, Makhlouf (2010) reported that the Chinese organizational landscape was marked by a ubiquitous practice of imitation stemming from a culture that values the ability to replicate talent, as opposed to innovation, originality and creativity, valued by organizations of the…

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