Multicultural Psychology Paper

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Multicultural Psychology Paper

Multicultural Psychology Paper
Multicultural psychology is "the systematic study of all aspects of human behavior as it occurs in settings where people of different cultural backgrounds encounter each other. Multiculturalism has been considered a "fourth force" in the field of psychology, supplementing behaviorism, psychodynamic theories, and humanistic psychology. It explores such topics as differences in worldviews and in means of communication; the acculturation process; stereotyping, prejudice, discrimination and racism; cultural identity development; and building multicultural competence" (Fhagen-Smith, 2010). Multicultural psychology attempts "to understand and to accurately represent the psychology
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Although there are similarities between European Americans and each of the groups of color there are unique aspects of each group and much diversity within each group" (Hall & Barongan, 2002).
There are many areas of study in Multicultural Psychology and new research associations emerging as well. For example, "the Culture and Suicide Research Network (CSRN) was established to facilitate research collaboration among a group of psychologists and psychiatrists who had been actively involved in this area of research individually. It is a national network of like-minded individuals interested in furthering the development of research, prevention, intervention, and postvention programs that incorporate cultural, racial and ethnic issues to the understanding of the risk/resilience factors, antecedents, and consequences of suicidal behaviors."
However, Multicultural Psychology is a new and emerging field, and there are many issues in multicultural psychology that still need to be studied with an empirical approach. Many multicultural issues do not lend themselves well to empirical study, such as traditional forms of spirituality (Hall & Barongan, 2002).However, Multicultural Psychology is necessary to study the divers groups present in today's society. Areas of study include areas such as: (a)

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