Muhammad Essay

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My Personal view of Muhammad it is probably biased by my faith as a Christian. After reading the three sources I came with a single image of Muhammad.
As I began to read about the prophet Muhammad in the beginning, I could not help but agree with why his people called him the perfect person. According to Islam, Muhammad is the last prophet sent to mankind. He himself speaks of himself as the prophet of the whole mankind. According to him, this is one characteristic that differentiates him from all other prophets. Despite his power and respect that he earned among his people, he did not want to be known as such a person, but rather be treated as an equal to all of those around him. The prophet was only an instrument; he
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Another controversial topic in Muhammad’s teachings is polygamy. While the Bible, at the very beginning, explains that the marriage relationship is limited to one man and one woman, Islam considers polygamy to be legal. The Bible declares the marriage bond to be a holy, eternal, and exclusive relationship. On the other hand, Muhammad teachings continue pre-Islamic polygamy and justify it as legal. Polygamy is, though, a right belonging only to men. Muhammad improved the position of the woman in the Islamic period, but he clearly put the woman at a legal disadvantage in comparison with the man. How can a prophet married eleven times and also marry and child who is about ten years old, this demonstrate Muhammad’s sexual appetite. So, by any realistic measure, the creator of the world’s most sexually restrictive religion was also one of the most sexually indulgent characters in history. The Prophet was no different than any other man. That is the reason why he is such a good example for us not to follow him. I believe that not all the teachings he proclaimed are true, but by God’s grace he has been enabled to provide millions of men with a better religion than they had before and that is how they testified that there is no god but God and that Muhammad is only a messenger of God. This is why I view Muhammad as a great man who stood for a lot of good things

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